A source of life & energy

A permaculture tree 

& a source of energy. 

– Permaculture: 4.50 sqm

– Diameter: 1.60 m

– High with solar dish: 2.05 m

 – High without solar dish: 1.45 m


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Permaculture & Energy

10 modular trays of large dimensions, 3 nurseries for young seeds to replant, 3 seed banks and 6 batteries are hung on a torusshaped trunk, the energy center of Tree of Life.

The Sun at the heart of its energy


The solar dish automatically turns towards the sun. It is the main source of energy of Tree of Life.


Aeroponics for a healthy food

The young shoots grow in a favorable environment and in a shorter time with aeroponics. This proven cultivation technology is a guarantee of nutritional and taste quality for our food.

A step towards food autonomy

Permaculture, together with aeroponics, is a technique that can be adapted to all volumes,

from the smallest to the biggest. Tree of life seed and feed in vegetable food.

A clean technology for permaculture

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The outside air is cleaned, tempered and dehumidified. It is compressed and stored to restore non-polluting energy.

4.5 sqm of permaculture

Each tray is equipped with a height-adjustable cover that incorporates solar-quality lighting, which can produce different types of plants.

A permaculture tree 

& a source of energy. 

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