An eco-friendly gathering place

An eco-friendly gathering place, self-sufficient

in energy, water and food.

– A 4,000 sqm area

– Reception capacity:

80 to 90 people

–  A 320 sqm indoor greenhouse

– Designed for any climate

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When food autonomy rhymes with conviviality

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Serre & Délice, installed on a 4000 sqm plot, is a friendly and harmonious place. Get together in the heart of nature within an interior space of 320 sqm.
The outdoor permaculture, landscaped on 1400 sqm, is supplied with water and energy thanks to Serre & Délice on-board technology.

Soft energies for a haven of peace

Motorized, the 90 sqm solar parabola automatically directs itself towards the sun. In association with the wind turbine, it provides Serre & Délice with gentle energy.

An autonomous place in water

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Like all yOmOtic, Serre & Délice collects the water contained in the ambient air. It is then filtered at different levels according to its use, whether for cultivation or for drinking water consumption.
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Serre & Délice is self-sufficient in water thanks to the collection of atmospheric water and rainwater.

An optimized air

Hydrometry is optimized within Serre & Délice. Excess moisture is permanently reused to minimize water consumption.

Aeroponics for a successful cultivation

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Aeroponics provides a nutrient supply to plants. It makes them grow faster. Crop yields are thus maximized thanks to spraying enriched with trace elements.

Aeroponics for healthy food

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The young shoots grow in a favorable environment and in a short time with aeroponics. This proven cultivation technology is a guarantee of nutritional and taste quality for our food.

A friendly place, self-sufficient 

in energy, water and food.

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