A vegetable garden for all

OyO provides a mild permaculture area, self-sufficient in water & energy.

– For any public or private place

– Diameter: 3,50 m

– Hight: 1,78 m

– A 9 sqm area for permaculture

– Designed for any climate

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Permaculture in town & in rural areas

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OyO greenhouses provide a playful access to permaculture,

in rural as well as urban areas. No matter where they are displayed anyone can stay connected to nature.

A clean technology for permaculture

The outside air is compressed, depolluted, tempered,

and humidified. It is a central source of energy.

OyO is equipped with buffer batteries.

A mobile application, downloadable by all,
is required to access it. It is also an

educational resource dedicated to permaculture.

Seed & Feed

Permaculture is much more than just a trend.

It’s a technique that can be adapted to all volumes,

from the smallest to the biggest. OyO is a greenhouse

that providing plants and medicinal food throughout the year.

Plants for health

 For all those who think that our food is our first medicine, LATULPA offers the opportunity to all phytotherapists to contribute in OyO or in all our greenhouses to seed these medicinal plants that are good for us.

Unusual, it nestles anywhere

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Rainwater is added to water collected in the air to provide sufficient autonomy for OyO, as well as for the other products developed by LATULPA.

OyO provides a mild permaculture area,   

self-sufficient in water & energy.

In our parks, on our sidewalks, terraces, gardens,

in the sun, rain or snow, from St. Petersburg to Rio de Janeiro,

there is always a tiny place for OyO. 

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