An autonomous greenhouse for professionals or individuals use

A cultivation and living space   

– Ground area: 110 sqm

– Permaculture area: 116 sqm

– Aquaponics: A 3 sqm pond 

– Accommodation capacity: 12 seats 

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Autonomy & Feeding

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A 110 sqm area.

OpOnO is self-sufficient in water and energy. It is equipped with a dryer, a refrigerated room, and a kitchen for on-site cooking.

Become a permaculture professional with its 116 sqm greenhouseYou’re not a permaculutre professionnal? Don’t worry. LATULPA offers accessible training courses  and a continuous assistance.


An harmonious ecosystem

The 3 sqm aquaponics area creates  a natural ecosystem for OpOnO. Plants and fish work in symbiosis. The needs of some are fed by others and vice versa .

Seed and Feed

Permaculture is much more than just a trend. It’s a technique that can be adapted to all volumesfrom the smallest to the biggest. OpOnO is a greenhouse that allows you to seed and feed throughout the year.

A friendly and connected greenhouse

Self-sufficiency in water, energy and food doesn’t  automatically mean isolation. OpOnO can be operated from anywhere in the world, from your mobile (you just need a mobile or satellite network).

For any climate conditions


  OpOnO is designed to be weather resistant. It also protects its occupants from atmospheric and viral pollution.

A cultivation and living space  

. OpOnO can be optionally equipped with a Canadian well for optimal air conditioning for extreme climate areas.


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