Resilience & well-being merge into its DNA

Its goal: reintegrate humans & their housing

into the environment

– A 72 sqm area

– 3 rooms for 4 to 5 people

– Terrestrial or floating

–  A 3 sqm indoor greenhouse

– Designed for any climate 

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The yOmOtic for pioneers

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OO has been designed with the current climate changes in mind. It gives you the tools to regenerate the Earth & even the chance to give back what we took from her. 

OO produces a virtuous circle between human and nature, combining comfort, security, and autonomy.  

A fully functional lab

Integrated in OO, aquaponics creates a natural ecosystem

where plants and fish work in symbiosis.

The needs of one are fed by the others and vice versa.

OO has technologies that respect the environment

to seed fruit trees and grow them at maturity

for safe planting in the ground.

Build it anywhere...

Whether south, north, east, or west,

OO remains round. When installing it,

choose your optimal orientation.

An on-board greenhouse


Organic food production throughout the year

Plants available regardless of outdoor conditions.


Regenerate your environment through pollination.

This is possible thanks to the insect hotel set up in OO.

A resilient home


 OO can reach an altitude of 2500 m

and withstand extreme temperatures (-40 to +50°C).

Floating or on land, it becomes a real protective cocoon.

Congruent with its environment

Much more than a house independent in water and energy,

OO helps to revitalize a territory until it becomes

a self-sustaining ecosystem again.

Its goal: reintegrate humans & their housing

into the environment

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