A bathroom respectful of its environment

An ecological, affordable

& aesthetic bathroom


– Space: 1.80 m²

– Width: 1.40 m

– Lengh: 1.92 m

– Height: 2.20 m

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Self-sufficient in water

After an initial supply during its installation, water from the shower and the washbasin are filtered, recycled and continuously heated within O de Charlotte.

Natural filtration

according to its use, whether for hygiene
or for
drinking water consumption.

Constantly cleaning the air

An indoor dehumidifier optimizes steam recovery
of water and ambient humidity.

Drinking water from O de Charlotte

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A second separate module collects water from the air outside the bathroom. It is equipped with a remineralization system which supplies drinking water to a fountain located outside, on the front of the bathroom module.

Self sufficient in electricity

Its batteries are powered by dry toilet and if needed by a simple charger.

O de Charlotte is therefore independent in electricity for about 8 days.

Two sizes for three models

Shower & Toilet

Shower or Toilet

Two configurations

A source of energy

Urine and stool are treated by dry toilets to supply heat and electricity to the bathroom. Combined with cOOcO, dry toilets power the oven and baking trays of the kitchen.

An ecological, affordable

& aesthetic bathroom

Interested in this product?

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