An autonomous vegetable production.

Desertification and climatic disruption are a crime for our planet. Meetings the feeding needs of today and tomorrow is the challenge identified by LATULPA.

Exceptional farms and projects such as the “Ferme du Bec hellouin”(Normandy, France), Songhaï (Porto- Novo, Benin), Ouroboros Farms (California, USA, $250 K investment amortized in 3 years) by using biomimicry such as permaculture and aquaponic, are very effective solutions in the environment we currently know. With global warming, which is expected (in an optimistic of 2 to 4 degrees by 2050), pollution peaks, longer winter, rare rains… These relevant solutions will become impossible to maintain in a hostile environment.

Focusing on several specific areas around biomimetic technologies such as aquapony and permaculture. The yOmOtic as well as the greenhouses developed by LATULPA guarantee a year-round food production, regardless of external conditions.

Cocoon, protector, the greenhouse we have developed automatically protects the vital food production for its occupants.

Garden of Eden, the primary nutritive needs are provided by the heart of the dwelling, which assists the ingenious aquaponic system.

Cornucopia, the permaculture “Bioserre” arranged as “Mandala”, produces sufficient vegetables and fruit, aromatic or medicinal plants, as well as animal production (poultry, fish, beekeeping, etc..). Protected from the elements and managed autonomously by the dwelling, this oasis aims to produce a carefully selected diet according to the climate.

The purpose of this autonomous ecosystem is to provide food self-sufficiency for its occupants, to spread far beyond them and to regenerate the environment.

LATULPA is a sustainable and just economy, an economy that must be integrated into the biosphere on which it depends (nothing is lost, nothing is created everything is transformed) it’s on this common base that the fertility is built. Habitats with positive energies, self-sufficiency in water and food, permaculture… are at the crossroads of a steady economy, of humanities and social science.

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