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An optimized ecological kitchen

Logo cooco 01

 Minimize water and electricity consumption 

–  A 0.80 sqm area 

– Full width: 1.20 m

– Full length: 1.48 m 

–  Height: 2.2 m 

–  Weight: 120 kg 

–  Modular kitchen (with or without permaculture trays) 

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A low-energy kitchen

cOOcO comes fully equiped, including an oven, electric stoves, a low-energy food pantry, a sink and optimised storage spaces.

Produce and feed

Indoors or outdoors. An option with solar dish will allow you to produce electricity to strive towards autonomy.

Seed and eat

Equipped with permaculture trays identical to those found in Tree of life, cOOcO produces microgreens and microvegetables.

Ergonomic & optimized

Equipped with ergonomic work surface, cOOcO offers storage spaces optimized for your food, kitchen equipment and utensils.

High-quality water

cOOcO is supplied with a microfiltration filter system without chemical adjuvant and a remineralization system for drinking water. With its two independents fountains, cOOcO provides hot and cold drinking water.  

Optimize the autonomy

cOOcO and O de Charlotte combine their autonomy in water and energy

Logo cooco 01

 Minimize water and electricity consumption 

Two dimensions of solar dishes are available according to your needs.

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Permaculture board

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