The architecture able to regenerate its environment

Beyond its aerodynamics abilities,  cOmO offers an organic living space 
– A 138 sqm area 
– 8 rooms for 8 to 12 people
– With or without greenhouse, terrestrial or floating
– Designed for any climate 

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Autonomy & Confort

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 With its toric shape and its 138 sqm living space,  cOmO offers its occupants an independence in water, energy as well as in plant and aquaponic production for 10 people.
Become a  permaculture expert with its 240 sqm of greenhouse. Are you new to permaculture? Don’t worry! LATULPA offers trainings from beginners to more advanced gardners with a continued assistance.

On land as on water

 Sea level is expected to rise by 43 centimetres by 2100 The floating version of cOmO is ideal for flooded, coastal, river areas… cOmO has a 360 ° booster, allowing it to move at a speed of 4 knots.

Feed & Seed

Permaculture is much more than just a trend, it’s a technique that can be adapted to all volumes,
from the smallest to the biggest. 

Thanks to its greenhouse, cOmO’s inhabitants can seed, feed themselves and be self-sufficient 

in plant food all year round


A friendly & connected interior

Water, energy and food self-sufficiency  does not mean isolation. cOmO can be connected  anywhere in the worldeither on the mobile or satellite network.  

A protective cocoon

cOmO is designed to be weather resistant.

It can withstand winds of 220 km/h.

cOmO also protects its inhabitants 

from atmospheric and viral pollution.

Regenerate the planet

cOmO comes with a wide variety of seeds  (vegetables, fruits, trees). The young sprouts grow thanks to a permaculture and fogging system. Once robust, they are ready to be replanted in the ground.

Beyond its aerodynamics abilities, 

cOmO offers an organic living space

Thanks to its height-adjustable mezzanine, developed by Alain Letessier
in Europe, the United States and Asia,
space can be modulated within cOmO.

Combining design and advanced robotics, 

it transforms the living room into a bedroom.

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